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How is the Strategic Planning for the Market Access area of your company going?


So… How is the Strategic Planning for the Market Access area of your company going? Or, to be more direct, I could ask: Does your company’s Market Access area have a concrete Strategic Plan? In other words, does the Market Access area align with the overall strategic planning of your company? Do the action plans derive from corporate strategy KPIs?

Let’s do the following: for the purpose of this article’s agenda and to generate a truly productive discussion forum, let’s leave these questions above as purely rhetorical and reflective for now.

In the past, the “value” of a pharmaceutical company was determined by its respective portfolio. Over time, this valuation, more focused on the “future and potential,” came to be based on the company’s pipeline. More recently, a significant portion of a healthcare company’s valuation calculation is based on the financial viability that its future products will have, or as Americans like to say, “Who is gonna pay the bill?”

Indeed, there are already companies that include Health Economics professionals in their clinical research teams starting from Phase 2 of the study. These professionals are responsible, from this “early” stage, for validating the market feasibility of that particular product in the future. In the face of a negative evaluation, the progression of that study will certainly be questioned at the very least.

However, when we look at our day-to-day operations, the implementation and practical execution of that strategic framework… Do our own companies and corporations truly understand, in a solid, robust, and consistent manner, everything that Market Access means and represents?

I believe there is immense potential to be developed, both in Brazil and in the Latin America region, regarding the skills and capabilities of Market Access, both for professionals working in this area and for the respective companies in which they operate.

Where can we start?

Well, this article aims to be the first in a series of publications on this topic, so my dear friend and reader, please consider this forum from now on as a “good place to start” a process of improvement and progress in this fascinating and challenging field of Market Access!

Best regards, and until next time, very soon!

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